What is bulletproof coffee?

I first heard about bulletproof coffee last summer. I was driving with my dad and he was listening to his Serious Radio. It was a warm day and we were headed home from a day in the city. His favourite radio host was talking about his new ‘diet’ and a drink that was the secret to his success- bulletproof coffee.

What is bulletproof coffee?

It’s described by its fans as a high performance drink that combines three unlikely ingredients: caffeine, oil, and butter.

Yes you read that right.

Bulletproof coffee combines organic coffee beans, organic grass-fed unsalted butter, and MCT oil, which is also known as Brain Octane oil. The idea is that you blend the three ingredients to create a meal replacing drink that energizes and provides “mental clarity”.

The idea was created by Dave Asprey, who calls himself “The Bulletproof Executive”. He recommends using top organic ingredients to get the most out of this diet. It creates a frothy latte-like consistency.

My dad and I made a version of this drink that summer. We brewed the coffee and blended in the butter… but were too grossed out by the oil. He lasted about three days drinking the mixture. I lasted five sips.

The bulletproof coffee trend has taken on variations depending on the site you look at. Some put more emphasis on the ingredients- using the highest quality of organic supplies you can- others put the emphasis on the Brain Octane oil. Either way, I’m not convinced by this drink.

Organic or not, I think coffee shouldn’t be mixed with oil in any form, and I’ll keep my butter to my morning toast.

Read more about bulletproof coffee here.



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