Dry hair? Skip the mall


If you’re looking for a new product to cure your dry, brittle hair, look no further than the local farmers market. Cze by Tania (pronounced “chay”) is a local organic brand in Winnipeg.

Tania Czemerynski has created a line of all natural hair and beard products that she sells at local markets, online and by request.

She uses natural and organic ingredients that moisturizes the hair like jojoba oil, argan oil, and avocado oil, which she combines scents like grapefruit, lavender and mint.

Her hair products range from rosewater toner, lash lengthening and thickening serum, sea salt spray, and she has a variety of  hair masque options like lavender, bergamot + lime, vanilla, and natural.

If you’re a male or happen to be growing a beard try the beard balm, pomade, or beard oil. The beard oil  comes in True North, Winter Pine, and Cool Calm.

You can check out Tania and her products at the Third + Bird craft sale May 6 at the Hudson’s Bay downtown


Images provided by Third + Bird

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