Organic clothing… is that a thing?

I was browsing through one of my favourite local clothing stores, Margot + Maude when I felt one of the softest white t-shirts. I could be alone on this, but when I’m shopping I find myself touching everything that catches my eye. I base my purchases off of the look of an item but also how it feels.

Anyways, I picked up the t-shirt and noticed the brand name i’d never heard of, Cheap Monday. On the tag it said 100% organic cotton. Weird. I didn’t know clothing could be organic.

This started my research into the organic clothing trend. After searching for more information, it totally makes sense.

Organic food is free from toxic pesticides and chemicals. Well, organic cotton is grown and farmed using sustainable methods. It is leading the way in organic clothing.

Other materials that can be considered organic are also known as “low impact”. This includes fibres like hemp, tencel or wool. There are also more brands coming out that have the organic claim like the athletic-wear brand Lolë. If you’re in Winnipeg, you can check out the selection of Lolë clothing at the Bay.

There are also two local stores that sell organic clothing.

EMK Clothing is located on Sherbrooke. It opened in 2016 and everything in the store is hand-made by the owner Erin May Kembel.

Hempyrean is located in The Forks Market. Everything in the store is made from hemp. You’d be surprised how soft and relaxed the clothing is so I definitely recommend checking it out.

So now you know. Organic clothing is a thing, and it’s growing in the market. I don’t think it’s going to become a trend anytime soon because of the creative limitations, but it’s definitely a cool concept.





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