The one where I try “organic oats”

I’ve always loved oatmeal. It’s easy to make, takes only the time to boil water in the kettle, and there’s always tones of flavour. I guess I should mention that I’m referring to the individually packaged oats of apple cinnamon or maple brown sugar…

So last week I went to the grocery store and picked up organic versions of some of my staples. I decided to test them out to see what the difference is. Here’s what I bought:

  • tomato soup
  • steal cut oats
  • milk ( coconut and rice)
  • hemp protein
  • and honey

I’ve tried the tomato soup and it was a success. I’m use to the thick, slightly salty, version from Campbell’s, and this is fairly similar. However, it’s not as thick and has less flavour, but the amount of sodium is cut by more than half. If you’re a fan of the thick red dish, I recommend going to Costco and picking up the value pack of this soup.

But lets get back to the oats. I bought a pack of steel cut oats, cooked them on the stove and everything. I made enough for three servings, cause I love oatmeal. I cut up some banana, added some blackberries, and poured a bit of honey on top.

It was disgusting. I couldn’t finish the dish. I took two bites and switched to eating just the fruit.The other two servings are still in the container that’s sitting in my fridge. It was mush that actually tasted like mush… absolutely no flavour. So that won’t be happening again. If you have any recommendations on what to add to the oatmeal please let me know!

I’m now wondering if “organic” actually means flavourless.

I’ve been doing my research on healthy recipes that use organic ingredients. Keep a look out for the next post where I’ll be sharing a new breakfast idea.




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