Where to shop organic

I’ve been talking about the idea of organic products for three weeks now. If you’ve been wondering where you should go to buy the fruit that hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals, or you want to stock up your pantry with super foods, this is the post for you.

Sure there’s usually an organic section at Walmart or Sobeys, but for some reason the appeal just isn’t the same. If you’re looking to buy from a local retailer (which I always recommend doing), here are my top five places to visit:

Organic Planet Coop

Located in Wolseley, Organic Planet Coop purchases products and produce from local suppliers to be sold at the store front.  The store offers fresh, locally grown produce, gluten-free items, and natural beauty products. They also have an organic and vegan deli.

Vita Health

Vita Health has five locations in Winnipeg. This is the place to go if you’re looking for natural therapy products and packaged goods. Theres a wide range of vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbal products, health books, organics, and natural food items. The packaged goods selection is my favourite part. You’ll find items that are gluten-free, organic, plant-based and healthy but actually taste good too. I recommend trying their red velvet cookies.

Fresh Carrot

Fresh Carrot is a new organic store in the city. It’s located in Osborne Village and if you’re looking for a new place to buy juice and smoothies, come here. They also have a small selection of farmer’s grown produce and packaged items.

Sunrise Health Foods

Sunrise Health Foods is your organic supplement heaven. The stores have a wide selection from medical care products (arthritis), vitamins and minerals, and natural weight loss products. The stores also carry products from Dr. Oz and Dr. Gifford-Jones (ex. Medi-C, Green Coffee Bean Extract). Similar to Vita Health, Sunrise Health Foods also carries a lot of natural beauty products.

Farmer’s Markets

Manitoba has a million and one farmer’s markets. In you’re in Winnipeg here are a few options:

These markets are open primarily in the summer through to early fall. They offer produce, baked goods, and handmade items from local vendors. It’s a great way to get out into the community and buy fresh, organic items. Prices will be a little bit higher than a traditional grocery store, but comparable to organic specialty stores.


I’m going to be heading to some of these businesses and picking up a few organic items to try. Next week I’ll be letting you know my thoughts!


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