Navigating the Mind Field of The Others

777_theothers_catalog_poster-2_approvedThere are three types of movies that fall under the Horror category: serial killer run rampant and torments the neighbourhood, demon/paranormal being invades a home, or some child is possessed.  The creativity is lacking.

The Others, which stars Nicole Kidman as the lead is no exception. It is a story about a woman named Grace and her two children Anne and Nicholas. The children have a condition that makes them sensitive to light so Grace and the housekeepers keep the all of the curtains in the obnoxiously large house mansion closed.

After a few incidents with her daughter, Grace becomes convinced the house is being haunted by a another family.

As a viewer, there are multiple moments when you are left with uncertainty and unease. None of the character project a sane and comforting presence. There are scenes when you are left with questions, but the twisted ending leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction.

Overall, the beginning of the movie is slow and the middle is confusing. It is your typical haunted film with a curve ball at the end. Kidman puts on a good performance, however there are similarities between The Others and the 1999 The Sixth Sense.

Set in the 1940s, The Others has elements of war, religion, and abuse.  The 2001 movie has a 7.6/10 rating on IMBD, is rated PG-13 and is available on Netflix.


5 thoughts on “Navigating the Mind Field of The Others

  1. I’ve never been a big fan of scary movies, but from how you describe The Others it doesn’t sound too bad. I like the element of the story where Nicole Kidman’s children have a sensitivity to light… Really creepy


  2. Great job, Ashlyn! I enjoyed your take on this. I totally agree that the film starts out a bit too slowly for its own good. But I’ve been meaning to rewatch it for a while now. Thanks for the reminder.


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