What is “newsworthy” anyways?

On Wednesday October 26, The Winnipeg Free Press’s (WFP) front page story was titled, Dark. Cold. Pain. It told the events that occurred in court the day before regarding a night on November 8, 2014 when the accused, Justin Hudson, and an un-named minor sexually assaulted two woman and left one for dead near the river.

Hudson has pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated sexual assault. His victims wrote statements to the court. One wrote she only remembers parts of that night, “Dark. Cold. Pain.”

So what makes this story newsworthy? Here are six reasons why it made the front page:

  1. IMPACT– This story has a large impact on the community, the victims of sexual assault, and the family members of everyone involved. 
  2. TIMELINESS-The court appearances occurred the day before the article was released. The WFP was jumping on the story while it was relevant. 
  3. PROXIMITY– The assaults happened in Winnipeg. The WFP is reporting on stories that occur in our city. 
  4. CONFLICT– This case is a conflict between the defendants and the victims. It’s naturally catching the media’s attention. 
  5. CURRENCY– Sexual assault is a reoccuing theme in the media. High profile cases like Jian Ghomeshi, Donald Trump, and Bill Cosby has turned a much needed spotlight on the issue within the last few years. Any story that involves this topic is current is the eyes of the media and it’s audience. 
  6. HUMAN INTEREST– This is a story about people in the Winnipeg community. It’s important to know what is happening in the city and what the verdict will be on this case.

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