My secret de-stresser

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or stressed?

I’m going to go ahead and make a generalized statement… EVERYONE does. We’re human.

There are thousands of little ways to deal and cope with these feelings, depending on your personality. For examples:

  1. If you’re into music, have a dance party
  2. If you’re into books, read
  3. If you’re into athletics, work out

I have done all of these things at various points in my life. However, since moving out of my parent’s place I’ve found a new activity that works best for me…

4. I’m into food, so I grocery shop

The responsibility of constantly having edible food in my fridge is a harder task then I imagined it would be. I definitely don’t get to the grocery store every week, and my fridge/pantry is constantly running low (read: empty). When I finally get there, I’m finding it’s at times of high stress.

A few weeks ago, I was under a deadline for an article. I had my notes written out and I knew what angle I was going for, but my screen was blank.

After a couple of hours worrying I wasn’t going to finish, worrying that it wasn’t going to be any good, and worrying that I wasn’t making the most of my time; I decided it was time to take a break.
There’s something relaxing about taking your time walking up and down the grocery aisles.

I recommend going at night. There’s fewer people around, so you don’t have to feel bad for spending five minutes picking out the best fruit. As a bonus, when you’ve completed your shopping, the check-out lines are shorter too.

I may be the only person who feels this way. But as a student who needs to eat, I find that his works for me. It’s an opportunity to get out of my apartment and away from my computer screen. When I’m stressed, it’s usually because I have a lot of uncompleted tasks. Grocery shopping makes me feel better because I’m checking it off of my list of things to do, but it’s has allowed me to take my mind off of my deadlines and get a change of scenery. On another note, I also don’t feel guilty for spending the money because foods a necessity (compared to taking an online/in store shopping break).

Taking some time away from a project can help you think of new ways to approach it, to help generate new ideas, or just help you mellow out a bit.
Plus, you now have a (semi) stocked fridge! ….Snacks anyone?


3 thoughts on “My secret de-stresser

  1. Hey Ashlyn. This speaks to me. I don’t think I realized how much I enjoy grocery shopping until I read this. Does this mean I’m old? I don’t care. Loved it. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I love this! I used to do this all the time on my days off from working. I would go to the health food store and pick up some new healthy treats that I never tried before. I totally get you girl!


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