Political Consumerism

Do you ever think about where the items you buy come from? Is the brand of your sweater, jeans, or shoes ethical and is whoever made them a good person?

With the United States’ presidential election just a few weeks away, the name Trump has everyone talking. Millions tuned into the first presidential debate (around 80 million), which saw candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton go at it with their words; Twitter alone reached 17.1 million interactions on the subject.

Say what you want about the two candidates, but would you choose to change your spending habits because of them?

One woman, as reported by CBC News Manitoba, has suggested that people stop supporting one brand in particular; Trump.

But not the Donald Trump some love, and some love to hate; Ivanka Trump, daughter of the presidential candidate.

Does this really make a difference? As consumers, we have the freedom to decide which brands we purchases. Essentially, we control the market. We choose if one brand does well and another disappears, all by what we buy.

The Winnipeg woman, Erjavec Parker, says that supporting the Trump name is ‘voting with her wallet’.

Is it though? Just to clarify, Donald Trump does not have a clothing line.

In reality, not purchasing a discounted dress because you don’t like the father of the designer isn’t the most effective way to make a stand. Donald Trump is not the brand,have any hand in the company, or is effected in any way by the choice.

Ivanka, reported by Harper’s Bazaar, said “his campaign is his campaign”. I agree with this fact. 

Who your parents are, and what they do should not cast a shadow on your future. It’s the same case for spouses, like Hilary Clinton is not Bill Clinton. 
But for this one Winnipegger, it may just be the best she can do. How else can she voice her opinion when she’s not able to vote?



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