School or travel? Q&A with Chloe Pommer

I met Chloe Pommer my first year at university. I admire her for maintaining a balance between traveling and going to school.  I know a lot of people who have traveled since high school, but at 22 years old, Chloe has managed to go on multiple adventures while still staying on track with her studies. She will be graduating this spring with her Bachelors degree in French.

* * *



Ashlyn: What made you first want to travel?

Chloe: I first wanted to travel…. because I was pretty sick of Winnipeg and I just thought there was a lot more to see out there. I wanted to see Germany, where my Opa is from, and I just wanted to see what it was like there.
A: When you travel, do you go by yourself?

C: No. When I went to Germany I went with one of my friends to visit an exchange student that came to Winnipeg the year before that. The second time I went with another friend around Europe. Basically just with different friends.


A: Ok, so you’ve been on three different travel trips. Where did you go each time?

C: I went to Germany my first time, and the second time I went to Europe. We went around Germany, Italy, Spain, Fran
ce and UK. And then the third time was Australia and New Zealand.


A: Which location was your favourite?

C: I would have to say the third time I went traveling (Australia) was my favourite. I went for a longer time.. so six months. I spent five of those months in Australia and one month in New Zealand.


A: How does it feel when you first step off the plane and land in a new country?

C: Umm… you’re pretty tired. You feel really gross. You’ve just been on a plane for however many hours, but it’s really exciting.  You have no clue what to expect, you don’t know that city, so you’re just starting fresh.


A: What did you do in between each trip?

C: I went to school and worked. It costs a lot of money and so I had to save up a lot. I worked a lot and I fit in school the entire time except for one year. So this is my fourth year.


A: How do you feel traveling has changed your perspective? 

C: ….well… I felt really stuck when I was here. Going through university I didn’t feel like I was doing the right degree. So when I left I got to experience new things and I had time to reflect that I didn’t like the current faculty I was in and so it allowed me to come back and do what I actually wanted to do with my life.


A: What do you think the biggest thing you learn when travelling abroad?

C: Ummm… you learn a lot about how to talk to people, figuring out how to book things, how to manage your money. Especially if you want to stay for a longer amount of time, you can’t be spending your money all at once. You have to make it last.


A: OK, so you said you felt stuck in Winnipeg before you left. Now that you are back, do you still feel that way?

C: Not as much, because I know I can still leave and come back.


A: Do you feel like you’ll leave Winnipeg once you graduate?

C: Definitely. I don’t see myself staying here, or staying put for a long time.



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