Today’s news brought to you by…

It’s 6:45am. I better leave. I would hate to miss the bus.

I scan my Peggo card and sit down. This bus is always so crowded.

I pull out my phone. This will make the time go by. Social media is a good distraction. I try to check Twitter first. Nothing happens. I check Instagram and there is nothing. Facebook is a black screen. None of the sites will load. I even checked my email.

What’s going on?

I get off the bus frustrated. The Metro newspaper street distributors aren’t around. I go over to the green box. It’s empty. It’s never empty in the morning.

That’s when I notice the busses. They are completely naked. The white radiates off the morning sun. All of the advertisements have been removed.

Something strange must be in the works.

I look around. No one is talking about it. Humans are natural communicators. We need the media to survive.  How will I pass journalism pop quizzes?

There is a horn honking somewhere. Brakes are screeching to a halt. I feel something approaching.

The bus stops just in time. I forgot to look before I walked. Good thing it isn’t winter.

I can’t decide my feelings towards this. On one hand there’s no distractions. Social media can consume your day. On the other hand, I miss it. I want to be informed.

I arrive at school.  Still, no one has brought it up. Maybe they didn’t notice. I don’t know how though.

My journalism teacher walks in. She looks like someone died.

“There won’t be class today,” she says. “There’s no such thing as media anymore.”

I guess ‘#Crecomm’ is finished.



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